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Yet Unnamed Polar Bear Cub Set to Skyrocket Visitor Numbers at Finland’s Ranua Zoo – Watch Video!

Press Release   •   May 23, 2012 08:56 BST

Having just turned six months, the first native Finnish polar bear is alive and well, not to mention quite the charmer.

The first-ever polar bear cub born in Finland saw the light of day in Ranua Zoo in Lapland on November 18th, 2011.

Cubs born in captivity are unlikely to survive past the first few days. Globally, only three (!) successful births were recorded in the past year, as cubs in Canada and Denmark also made it through the critical first days.

Boys Will Be Boys

Upon first exiting his den in late February, Ranua’s little fur ball clung tightly to mother Venus. Now, both staff and visitors at Ranua Zoo have been charmed by the little fella and his lively antics.

The cub has grown more curious and playful all spring. Like all little boys, making a mess is one his favourite things to do – luckily there’s a pool for cleaning up that white fur!

Watch video of the cub’s first six months

Zoo to Reach All-Time High

The cub will be named September 3rd. So far, Ranua Zoo has received more than 14 000 suggestions.

Visitor numbers at the zoo have already doubled and are set to reach an all-time high this year.

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